Saadi Tile




Symbol of Beauty ,Variety and Stability


Saadi Tile and  Ceramic  Factories Company commenced its activity in 1961 with the production of Wall tile.


This company started the phase of development of floor tile production named "Boostan" in 2004 in Parallel with market and reaching the new technology and product while compounding long Experience over 43 years and using the most modern and updated technology of ceramic industry.


Now , the said company could be placed at the top of outstanding producers of tile and ceramic.  At present , this company is able to produce the glazed floor tile in various designs and colors (simple and rustic) in the following sizes and dimensions:

(30×60  ,40×40,50×50, 60×60 )


The company intends to increase the variety , quality and also completion of its products basket and To commission the wall tile production project.

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